Our mission is to offer our customers the best service in accommodation, restaurant, relax and wellness with high standard professionals in the field. All of this is in a natural environment tempered by the benefits of the hot springs and its excellent healing properties.

Hosteria Duran is located 15 minutes away from Cuenca’s downtown. It is located in a privileged natural environment that invites you to relax and be in peace. Its architectural design allows you to enjoy the best thermal pools and Turks in the region, cozy rooms, sports fields, playgrounds, are the main complements our magnificent Spa Novaqua, which will give your body the perfect relaxation for your wellness.

Also, you can enjoy from the well-known traditional gastronomy at our restaurant “El Tucuman”, which offers the best French and contemporary cuisine.

Additionally, we offer you the best creole cuisine and some of its best recipes at our cafeteria “La Vertiente”

Finally, to liven your night up, enjoy our “Yaku Bar Karaoke”, where you will dance and sing all night long. And be our expert guest trying a wide variety of cocktail’s in our open bar.

Historical review

The history of “Hosteria Durán” started around 80 years ago, when a great entrepreneur and Cuencano visionary, Don Ricardo Duran Brito, decided to take advantage of the hot springs on his property in Baños, Cuenca. His project began after the construction of a small private thermal bath, which at first was for his family, but after was also visited by neighbors and friends. Mr. Duran started to raise awareness in citizens about the care of thermal water and its healing properties, so he decided to expand the facilities and make them available to the general public. Initially, the project was like a small resort that had two pools, a ballroom and a restaurant. After the death of Don Ricardo Duran Brito and his wife Doña Matilde Aleman, in 1964, his heirs formed a company and almost twenty years later, in 1983, the Hosteria Duran was inaugurated.

Today “Hosteria Durán” the inn of hot springs … as shown on its slogan, has 36 renovated rooms, swimming pools and hot Turkish baths, restaurant, cafes, sports facilities and ballrooms for every kind of event, which can accommodate from 15 to 350 people.

All this complemented with green areas and beautiful gardens, which despite the years, offers you a natural environment and the best manage of the hot springs water in Ecuador.